Auto, Property and Casualty

Auto, Property and Casualty

Property and Casualty

During uncertain times, having an insurance policy that is affordable and provides maximum coverage for members and their loved ones may be a complex process. However, trained and experienced (RIHG) and (RGFIS) team members believe that when an accident or disaster does happen, there will be specific services to assist members. With a variety of insurance options, (RIHG) and (RGFIS) researches which coverage and insurance options will best suit different lifestyle needs. Moreover, the organization values the trust of its clients and will dedicate time to explain each financial planning, liability protection, and residential business preservation plan to best accommodate individuals and families.

In the interest of home and business owners, protecting investments is a high priority at (RIHG) and (RGFIS). These interests included protection for home, auto, motorcycle, life, commercial, and more! In regards to risk, there are numerous factors to account for. For example, severe weather threats are very common in most locations. The company will provide solutions to prepare for those risks.

One solution is home insurance. With the correct home insurance plan, members and their loved ones better protect residential properties against the more common risks such as fires, storms, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and other geographical disasters. Additionally, the company may also provide solutions for commercial property owners to prepare for risk to business locations, equipment, assets, and products.

For auto or motorcyclists, members may also protect these specific investments with a personalized auto or motorcycle insurance policy. These auto and motorcycle liability coverage plans will assist members in protecting other drivers and themselves from potential future accidents. Members may also be eligible for plans such as collisions or comprehensive coverage plans to better protect vehicles and property against risks like theft, damage, and loss.


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