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We meet our clients’ needs by offering different services. These services include Life insurance, Annuity, Auto, Property, Casualty, Health Insurance, Real Estate, and Notary.

Life Insurance & Annuity

We make qualifying for different health events easier. We understand the importance of capital accessibility and communicating eligibility in regards to death benefits.

Auto, Property and Casualty

During uncertain times, having an insurance policy that is affordable and provides maximum coverage for members and their loved ones may be a complex process.

Health Insurance

The organization believes in a simple and straightforward approach when reviewing and communicating various health insurance strategies, plans, and solutions to clients.

Real Estate

Real Estate and Estate Preservation solutions assist individuals with developing agreeable strategies that promote smarter investments.

Notary Services

(RIHG) and (RGFIS) also provides notary services for clients. These services include cost breakdown for various notary services, verifications, and certifications or official documents, and adherence to standard acknowledgments.

About Us Who We Are

Renai International Holding Group / DBA Renai Global Finance and Insurance Solutions ( RIHG) & (RGFIS) provides solutions for individuals and businesses that meet different financial and insurance needs. Our qualified and experienced team are ready to assist clients with meeting financial and insurance solutions. We care for clients' needs and provide cost-effective options that ensure positive customer satisfaction. Renai Global Finance and Insurance Solutions invites members to meet our amazing team and learn more about our services.

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Services Our Values

We work with clients to understand their life goals. With financial and insurance services, we match clients with solutions that meet specific needs. Through strategy and professional support, clients learn about their qualifications and plans for various solutions. We value financial futures for all individuals and businesses.

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Connect with a friendly and helpful team member to discuss all of the options available for you, your loved ones, and your business. We would love to listen to your questions and goals and look forward to planning for your future success.

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