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Life Insurance & Annuity

Life insurance

We make qualifying for different health events easier. We understand the importance of capital accessibility and communicating eligibility in regards to death benefits. Through trust and transparency, individuals discover cost-effective life insurance options for appropriate periods.

The simple, affordable life insurance plans provided may assist individuals with covering expenses for medical bills and funeral costs. These expenses usually account for plots and mortuary expenses. (RIHG) and (RGFIS) strives to help protect loved ones from the financial burdens that may arise in the future. This design provides more secure life insurance coverage with versatility and long-term growth potential for members.

Also, candidates for life insurance policies may seek plans with options of Return of Premiums (ROP). Commonly, the Return of Premium (ROP) term insurance policy is a beneficial agreement for eligible candidates that returns contributed premium. In the instance that the qualified policy owner outlives the determined term periods, the Return of Premium (ROP) takes action.

To add, qualified candidates in certain life insurance policies may receive returns within the early years of their life insurance term periods. When Return of Premium (ROP) investments lose priority to the policy owner, candidates may seek alternative solutions in life insurance protection plans.

With so many insurance companies in the United States all offering a variety of plans to choose from, how do you find the best plan?
Our professional and experienced insurance team will ease the process for you, minimize insurance application complications, and provide answers to your questions so that you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.


(RIHG) and (RGFIS) invites clients to learn more about its exclusive products. These products offer clients potentially higher lifetime incomes in contrast to applying for traditional fixed annuities. More specifically, a fixed indexed annuity is determined when measuring the interest from the performance of a base index. This Fixed Indexed Annuity does not include active participation in the market.

To elaborate, Fixed Indexed Annuity premiums correlate with market indexes and are credited with similarity to Indexed Universal Life (IUL) plans. However, Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) offer features such as principal protection and death benefits. These specific plans may incur gains with set contingencies that remain active during ideal market performances.

The Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIA) can:

  • Serve as a type of tax-deferred insurance product
  • Be organized to offer lifetime income, which serves as alternative earnings for retirement income
  • Offer protection from periods when markets show a decline. These declines usually are identified as the market floors.


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